- Robin the Teen Wonder/Robin # 126, A Life More Ordinary

Hm… Let’s talk about this for a moment. For a long while Tim looked at being Robin as a job. He was certain he’d get fired on many occasions. Because of that detatchement he and Bruce were not always as close-knit as, say, Dick and Bruce. Now that Jack’s found out what Tim’s been going at night and he’s quit, Bruce’s words seem perhaps less harsh than they would if Tim and Bruce had a closer personal relationship at the time. At this point Tim doesn’t need a father figure because he and Jack are good so for Tim Bruce is now more like a boss than a father substitute. That doesn’t mean that they don’t care about each other. It just means that they both see it more as an employer-employee relationship at this stage.

To Batman Tim as a cvilian is of little use (which we later will find out is bull, but that’s a little into the future). He can, however, make good use of a Robin. IIRC Bruce has been worried about Stephanie’s skill level and training for a while now and seizes the opportunity to train her to be more efficient and a better tool against crime now that she’s come to him..

Also, notice Bruce’s comment about Alfred not being awake enough to think clearly, suggesting that Batman would let Steph be Robin to bring Tim back. :)


"Alfred is right, Robin. You’re sidelined until you get better."


They know each other too well.

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fangirl challenge: female character [2/10] » lady sif


Hawkman and Hawkgirl.
Resurrection time. (3/4)
Blackest Night #8.

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He’s not the man you think he is…Because I know Oliver Queen is The Arrow.

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RAVEN by CThompsonArt


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harlequin heare you can call harley or harleen if you want x iv been shot, stabbed,shoved in a rocket that crashed landed in the hart of Gotham ( Robinson park to be precise) and much more by hay enough of my whining. i only truly love one thing my pudding Mr.J. oh and my babiesx (( im a independent role-play i hardly ever do it thow i just mostly re-blog fandom posts and just really random stuff.))
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